This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Last Friday’s immensely successful TweetFest was just the beginning…

What: Inundate social media with facts from the ongoing Gosnell court case

Why: The mainstream media is now covering the case, but we must continue to put pressure on them.
When: Wednesday April 17, 8:00 AM – midnight EST

See below for Instructions…

  1. Copy & Paste these tweets & Facebook status updates
  2. Tweet these celebrities
  3. Ask your local media to cover the case
  4. Why a TweetFest?
  5. But I don’t have Twitter…

1. Copy & Paste these Tweets & Facebook Status Updates

Remember to use #Gosnell & link to in all tweets. We want to get #Gosnell trending to increase coverage of this trial.

#abortion – safe legal and rare? hardly. abortionist kermit #gosnell now on trial on 7 counts 1st degree murder // #prolife #prochoice

late-term abortionist #Gosnell on trial on 7 counts 1st degree murder. snipped spinal cords of born alive babies.

late-term abortionist #Gosnell on trial on 7 counts 1st degree murder. kept severed baby feet on display #abortion

late-term #abortion doc #Gosnell aborted this baby at 32wks then joked baby “big enough to walk me to bus stop”

#Abortion safe? rare? #Gosnell preys on minority women, collects pieces of babies’ 10years no health board inspection

Who is Kermit #Gosnell? Check out this info-graphic: // #prolife #abortion @CNN @FoxNews

Join the #Gosnell TweetFest April 17 8am-8pm EST. RSVP // #prolife #tcot

Watch doco on abortionist Kermit #Gosnell: 3801 Lancaster: WARNING: this video will make you sick to your stomach

HOW did #Gosnell’s #abortion clinic go 17 years without being inspected? Even nail salons get checked inspected twice a year

Why, when I do searches at major media outlets, do I find more news about Kermit the Frog than Kermit #Gosnell

#Gosnell Worker: Baby Screamed During Live-Birth “#Abortion” // #prolife #prochoice


2. Tweet these Celebrities

We are asking these celebrities to spread the word of the #Gosnell Trial. You can copy & paste the tweets below or make up your own:

@JustinBieber – do you know about #Gosnell? check out & pass it on

@GwenStefani – do you know about #Gosnell? check out & pass it on

@KidRock – do you know about #Gosnell? check out & pass it on

@ChuckNorris – do you know about #Gosnell? check out & pass it on

@TedNugent – do you know about #Gosnell? check out & pass it on


3. Ask Your Local Media to Cover the Case

Find the phone number, email address or facebook page of your local media outlets (newspaper, website, radio station, TV station). Ask them why they are not covering this case and politely request that they do so.


4. Why a TweetFest?

The mainstream media has all but ignored this case. Can you imagine the media reaction if the case were reversed and it was a pro-lifer on trial for 7 counts of 1st degree murder? Exactly.

We are going to make “new media” work on behalf of Kermit Gosnell’s innocent, helpless victims. The mainstream media is acting like nothing is happening, however – if we unite & spread the word far enough, we can FORCE the media to cover this horrific story.

Why do we need the media to cover this story? The Gosnell case is the face of the abortion industry. Abortion brutally kills preborn children and exploits women. The Gosnell case busts open the lie of “safe legal & rare” abortion.


4. But I Don’t Have Twitter…

That’s ok! Suggestions:

  • Sign up for a twitter account at
  • Use your Facebook account
  • Email friends & family




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