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Live Action/Susan B Anthony List Defund Planned Parenthood Bus Tour – Photos from Toledo

Updated at 4:15 PM- Video added

On my way to speaking at the Cleveland 40 Days for Life Kick Off Rally tonight I stopped by one of the stops for the Live Action / SBA List Defund Planned Parenthood bus tour. You may have heard that Planned Parenthood decided to follow the tour with their own bus and show up an hour before Live Action at each stop. PP’s bus has been dubbed the “Pepto Bus” and we have been having loads of fun with that. Thomas Peters wrote a great post yesterday using some of my “fun with photoshop” versions of the PP Bus –

The PP bus parked in the pro-life bus’s permitted area and the police actually helped them park there before refusing to let the Defund Planned Parenthood bus park in the permitted area. We had to move the rally a block away and of course the lovely PP demonstrators came to invade us. I had to laugh as one of the main TV reporters was wearing a big pink jacket and matching with all the PP supporters; way to be unbiased.

Here are my pics from today which include the reporter in pink and the PP people laughing it up with the police. I listened to the police telling the PP people that it was their right to choose and that he supported them.

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Now watch this video where a guy calls PP helping pimps irrelevant.



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