This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Lived through a tornado? Who needs water, Planned Parenthood of Joplin, MO will give you free birth control and abortions.

In 2001 Planned Parenthood of NYC offered free abortions to women who lost a husband or boyfriend in the attacks on 9/11.  What a wonderful sentiment to send to grieving women; (Lost your husband? Let us kill his child for free). 

Planned Parenthood of Joplin, MO is following suit and offering their services for free to victims of the Tornado.

The Joplin independent reports:

Planned Parenthood, 710 Illinois Ave., Joplin, is providing free medical services throughout the month of June. Included in the offering of a variety of health services for both men and women are distribution of free reproductive medications, blood pressure testing, diabetes and cholesterol screening and other reproductive health services.

I still cannot understand why Planned Parenthood is so shy about using the word abortion if they are so proud of being the largest abortion provider in the nation.  Why hide abortion under the guise of “other reproductive services” if there is nothing wrong or shameful about it? This proves that we are winning the battle of public perception and shows me that we need to press even harder. Undercover stings like those of Live Action are working; the Stand True Summer Mission Trip is having the effect we are educating this nation about the ugly truth of what abortion is.

While the Planned Parenthood in Joplin does not actually perform surgical abortions, they most certainly refer and send women to other Planned Parenthood offices. Planned Parenthood of Joplin does however give out the Morning After Pill which does kill children by preventing implantation.

Especially during crises, the agency believes that it is important that women maintain their birth control…

Yepp, that is what these people need more than food, water, shelter and clothing; they need condoms and the pill. To quote Seth Myers and Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, “Really”.  Really Planned Parenthood? Free birth control and abortion for people who are suffering, hungry, thirsty and traumatized sounds like such a wonderful community service.  Killing children is not heath care and it is certainly not disaster relief.

I have an idea. Lets take the 350 million dollars in taxpayer money from Planned Parenthood and send that to Joplin, MO for some relief that actually need. It makes me sick that our government can continue to keep the blinders on their eyes as Planned Parenthood wreaks havoc on America.

Really? Planned Parenthood, Really?

On a positive note is reporting about LifeChoices Medical Clinic in Joplin that is offering some actual relief items for victims.

“Through it all, Angel said that LifeChoices was becoming a center of help for the neighborhood… handing out baby supplies: clothes, diapers, food, wipes, etc,” Massey said. “When I asked her what we could do to help, she said two things, “Donate baby supplies or help us financially purchase the items to help the young families.”

Read the full article here:


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