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More Abortion Mills Coach Minors How To Lie, This Time in Texas

Some of my friends at Survivors recently went undercover into abortion mills in the state of Texas to expose the truth about these death camps. 18 years ago I myself went undercover into abortion mill with a 13 year old girl, I was in my 20′s. On two separate occasions we were told that she was pregnant which would have been a miracle since this girl had never even kissed a boy in her life. The abortionists showed us a positive pregnancy test and told us if we paid cash on the spot he would not report us. This was 18 years ago and both of those abortionists are out of business now, but this kind of behavior still goes on.

Here is the testimony of Hannah from Survivors, a brave young woman who has given her life to the cause of the babies and Christ. Both Hannah and Ashley who are mentioned in this story will be joining me in two weeks for a week of pro-life training in Belgium.

As a Survivors missionary, my goal every day is to expose the truth about abortion. During the week, we do this through educating people on high school and college campuses. On the weekends, we take the message of life to abortion clinics, pleading with the mothers to choose life for their child. Usually we are limited to the sidewalks in front of abortion clinics, but this past month my teammate Ashley and I had the opportunity to actually go inside the abortion clinics. So we went into the very centers where 3,500 babies are killed every day.

We joined up with Operation Rescue in Texas to expose the abortion industry for exactly what it is: a filthy, lying, lawbreaking, multi-billion dollar business. We saw for ourselves that what we tell people everyday about the abortion industry is completely true. We posed as ordinary woman seeking abortions. We spent hours researching looking for any reason why the abortionist should not be practicing, such as malpractice lawsuits. Then we would call the clinics. One of us would call as an underage girl seeking an abortion, and the other would call as an adult seeking an abortion. We asked all the normal questions that any woman seeking an abortion would ask and we called in on the Texas mandatory informed consent phone calls. These phone calls are supposed to be done in the State of Texas to inform women of the risks of an abortion so she is fully informed before she has an abortion. We discovered that although abortionists give the state mandated information, they make it clear they do not agree with it, convincingly leading women to believe that there is no way these risks would ever happen to them.

The hardest part came when we actually entered the clinics. I would pose as an underage girl, 13-16 years old, with Ashley posing as my older cousin. We found that the abortion industry does all they can to stay away from legalities. They don’t want to know details. As a young girl they never asked me about my boyfriend, if he was older, or if I was in an abusive relationship. They did not want to know because if they were to find out that there was anything illegal going on it would cause them to have to get involved and they don’t want to get involved. It is a business after all, and they want to make money. Filing a report to Child Protective Services just takes time away, and time is money.

Even when I did tell clinics that I had an older boyfriend they did not ask questions. One clinic even coached me on how to lie to the judge so that I could get my abortion. She told me to tell the judge that I was not sure who the father was, that I thought he was my age, but I really wasn’t sure. Is this really what our nation is advocating: An industry that covers up the statutory rape of a young girl and coaches young women to lie to their parents and to lie to a judge?

Although our trip is over and we are able to truly show people the horrible truths about the abortion industry, it was not easy and there are things that will forever haunt us. Sitting inside of the abortion clinics we knew what was going on. We sat right next to women knowing that they were going back to kill their baby and there was nothing we could do about. It was the first time in my time in the pro-life movement where I could do nothing. When I am outside of the clinic I can plead for the child’s life. In this situation, I could do nothing. I remember one of the first times I went inside the clinic. It was a killing day (they were performing abortions) and as I sat in a room full of women I felt God reassuring me, “Right now you can do nothing, but don’t feel hopeless, I am here and I am working”. I began to pray for the women in the room. As I heard my name called, I got up to walk into the back. I waited for the results of my pregnancy test and I could hear the suction machine. It is loud enough that if you play back our audiotape you can hear the sound of an innocent child being ripped to pieces. I will not forget the sound of that machine. I will always remember being in that clinic and hearing that poor baby’s life being taken.

We could not have made it through this past month and this difficult assignment without Christ. He has continued to show Himself to us throughout this entire time and I am so thankful for His direction and wisdom that He continued to give both myself and Ashley. Although we have seen some horrible things we are able to take back a testimony that I ask you to spread to others. The abortion industry does not help women; they only seek to make money and will stop at nothing to achieve this. When is our nation going to say enough?

by Hannah Buckett

Praise God for young people like this, it makes me feel a little better about getting old. I know that with youth like Ashley and Hannah serving Christ we have a lot of good things to look forward to in the pro-life movement.

Read more about the criminal findings discovered during their time in Texas. –

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