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More Lies from Planned Parenthood: They do NOT Provide Basic Healthcare have uncovered – surprise – more deception from Planned Parenthood. They report,

The Hartford Courant article laments the possibility of Planned Parenthood Southern New England affiliates closing and how this would affect “low-income” women. The article claims that this would deny them, in part, of the BASIC HEALTH CARE that Planned Parenthood provides.  The problem is…NO affiliates of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (which covers Connecticut and Rhode Island) provide any kind of general or basic health care. NONE. Yet their site clearly indicates for each affiliate, under SERVICES, that General Health Care is a service that they provide. placed a call to the Bridgeport, CT location.  The conversation reveals how false the Hartford Courant article is AND how deliberately deceptive Planned Parenthood’s website is in leading people to believe they provide much more than they really do.  The Planned Parenthood worker confirms that NO affiliate provides primary, or basic/general health care–only reproductive health care.  She also admits their website wording is misleading. Go figure.  So much for “medically accurate information”.

Watch the video below:


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