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New Abortionist With Old Problems Takes Over California “Shop of Horrors”

One of the abortionists in the story is “Dr Braemer”, i use quotations because I refuse to recognize him as a litigate doctor. I have had several experiences at his abortion mills in the past including him telling a virgin who was undercover with me that she was pregnant. He even showed us a positive pregnancy test and told us he would do that abortion for $350 and not report us. (I was in my twenties and she was a young teenager). Another incident took place in down town Los Angeles where I saw a man passing out coupons for $40 off an abortion at Braemer’s abortion mill.

Operation Rescue is reporting:

Chula Vista, CA — A troubled abortion clinic near the U.S./Mexico border in Chula Vista, California, has opened and closed numerous times as one by one each abortionist who worked there lost medical licenses or was incarcerated for criminal activity and other abortion abuses. Now, it has reopened again with yet another disgraced abortionist, W. Constantine Mitchell at the helm.

This clinic’s history is among the worst in the nation and Mitchell only adds to that sordid legacy.

One reporter described the clinic as a “shop of horrors.”

It started in 1999, when a business woman named Bertha Bugarin opened an abortion clinic on H Street and called it “Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy,” one of a chain of eleven abortion clinics she ran with abortionist Nicholas Braemer throughout Southern California.

A business card obtained upon the opening of the clinic by Cheryl Sullenger, then the director of the California Life Coalition, listed three abortionists who were involved with the business: Braemer, Mohamed Dia, and a “Dr. Reish.”

Later that year in 1999, Mohamed Dia surrendered his medical license after the Medical Board filed accusations of botched abortions, incompetence, corruption, and billing fraud.

Nick Braemer surrendered his license in 2000 after the California Medical Board filed a petition against him for two seriously botched abortions that landed patients in the hospital, and for aiding in the unlicensed practice of medicine. Braemer routinely had unlicensed workers perform pregnancy tests and conduct ultrasound examinations then interpret the tests for patients, which was against the law.

“Dr. Reish” was discovered to be the notorious sex offender Laurence Reich, who used the abortion business as a means of accessing victims, and would sexually assault women in the examination or procedure rooms. After he was was convicted of sex crimes in the 1980′s. When he resurfaced in the 1990′s, Sullenger strenuously complained to the Board of Osteopathy about Reich being allowed to resume his abortion/rape career for fear that he would again abuse his patients. As predicted, Riech was again caught and convicted of sex abuse against his abortion patients in 2005, and was forced to surrender his license in April of 2006. During a 2007 raid on Bugarin’s abortion chain in Los Angeles County, Reich was discovered to still be working as an abortionist even though he had not had a license for over a year. Remarkably, Reich received no jail time and remains on probation.

But despite the representations of the Chula Vista clinic, it was Phillip Rand who more often than not showed up twice a week to do abortions there. Rand was a well-known San Diego area abortionist who had and extensive history of multiple license suspensions and other problems, including 45 malpractice judgments against him. His coup de grace came in Santa Ana in 2004, when he spent five minutes aborting a baby at 20 weeks gestation, then left to return to Chula Vista where more abortion appointments awaited. He refused to return to the clinic after he was informed that his patient was bleeding and needed attention. When the ambulance crew arrived, they discovered a hemorrhaging patient, two unlicensed workers, and no crash cart. He was 83 years old at the time he was finally forced to permanently surrender his medical license.

The H Street property owners had originally leased the space to Bugarin without being told it would be an abortion clinic. They refused to renew the lease on the clinic in 2002, so it closed for about six months, reopening in 2003 at an office located at 1550 Broadway in Chula Vista, where abortions are still done today. After Rand could no longer work, Bugarin had a string of shoddy abortionists in and out of the Broadway location, all of which had their own encounters with the Medical Board and/or law enforcement.

In fact, just recently (February 14, 2011), the Medical Board filed a petition to revoke the medical license of one of those abortionists, George Dalton Flanigan III, for probation violations. He worked for Bugarin’s abortion chain, including the Chula Vista location from 2002-2008. Flanigan’s original case involved a botched delivery that resulted in a dead infant, keeping inadequate records, and Medi-Cal fraud. [Read the Medical Board Accusation for the sad details of the baby’s completely avoidable death.]

Finally, to keep the clinic open, Bertha Bugarin began doing abortions herself even though she had no license or medical training. After years of pro-life protests, complaints, and warnings to the public about this shoddy business, Bugarin was finally arrested in 2008 and convicted in two counties of practicing medicine without a license. The District Attorney called her a “predator” and a danger to the public. She is currently serving a sentence of 6 years, 8 months in a California State Women’s prison.

Yet that was not enough to keep the clinic closed permanently. Rest of the story at“shop-of-horrors”/

Of Course I should not be so harsh on such safe and wonderful medical clinics that are there to just help women; how dare I suggest that these wonderful abortionists are anything but angels and heros for women’s rights. How dare even suggest that abortion is not safe; in fact so safe it is safer that giving birth. (Sarcasm)

What have you done to be a voice today?

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