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One Heart Changed, One Life Saved and New Faith Found – European Mission Trip Update #2

Dear Pro-life Friend

God is moving here in Europe, we are seeing lives changed and Christ glorified in amazing ways. I spent the weekend in Scotland at the 4th Annual Youth Pro-life Conference put on by SPUC Scotland.

Every year I am blown away by the opportunities God gives me at this conference and that did not change this year. After my first of three talks a young girl approached me and told me her heart had changed about abortion.  She said that she had just been sitting in the talks bored but during my talk she was captivated and is now pro-life.

Pro-life Youth outside the Scotland Youth Conference

On Saturday night after the Celtic dancing a large group of us went to the kitchen for a cup of tea. I began to share with the group and pour my heart out to them; it was definitely one of those Holy Spirit moments.  As we all left to go to bed a young man came to me and thanked me for sharing. He told me that for the first time in his life he wanted to live a life of faith; he had never took it seriously before. I was so excited and he actually thanked me at least two more times the next day.

I left the conference on Sunday night to fly to Belgium to begin the of pro-life youth training we are doing here this week. I was surprised to get a message from Joe the Scotland conference director so soon; but was blown away when I read it. A girl at the conference was pregnant and changed her mind about abortion after listening to our talks.

Bryan Kemper and Hannah from Survivors at University of Gent

I am entering this week in Belgium on a spiritual high and have already been so blessed here.  Last night we had a great talk and training session with youth in Brussels.  Our team consists of myself, Eric Scheidler of The Pro-life Action League and three missionaries from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust from California.

Today we went to Gent to lead the first ever pro-life demonstration in front of the University of Gent. When classes let out it was non-stop conversation and ministry as the students were very open to discussion.

Hannah talking to socialists

I was shocked to hear some of the answers I got from students, some of which were downright scary. One student told me it was ok to kill two year olds because they don’t have a memory.  Another student told me that because in Texas everyone just carries around a gun that we cannot possibly be pro-life.

It was obvious to me that the students had such a twisted view of life in the United States as one told me that it was extremely hard for Americans to find fruit and vegetables and that is why we are so fat because they are just not available. This was one of his arguments for socialized medicine and welfare.

Jeroen Noel from Belgium passing out literature

Later in the evening we had another evening of talks before heading back to our host home for a few hours of sleep. Tomorrow morning we head back to Brussels where we will have a red life tape Silent Siege at the European Parliament building.

Charles from Survivors and Eric from Pro-life Action League

We will also be doing a few more university outreaches this week as we prepare for the big March for Life on Sunday.  Please keep our team in prayer as we boldly shine the Light of Jesus and the message of Christ with out ministry partners from Belgium.

For Christ I stand,
Bryan Kemper

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