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EndAbortion.TV Segment with Stand True President Bryan Kemper

Today on the Janet Morana LIVE Show: I highlight our Youth Outreach Director Bryan Kemper.

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The Other Night. – A Poem By Bryan Kemper

The other night I had a dream.

I dreamt I was in Hell.

It wasn’t like you think,

It was sort of like this Earth.

I remember walking down the street,

Wandering about.

I came upon a poor man,

Shivering in the street. His feet were bare,

His clothes were torn, Tangles in his hair.

He looked as if He’d been beaten up,

More than a time or two.

His stench was heavy in the air,

I had to hold my breath.


As I turned away,

A scream pierced my ear.

The fragile woman laying there,

Unable to move at all.

As he ripped at her clothes,

I could not stand to watch.

He took from her what was not his,

With no Remorse at all.

I had to leave,

I could not stand to watch.

I started to feel her pain.

Around the corner,

I saw a girl.

She smelled of cheap perfume.

She smiled at me,

And with a wink, Said all there was to say.

Thirteen, maybe fourteen,

That’s as old as she could be.

Her parents must be worried:

Where could their daughter be?


Next I stumbled upon a child,

His body, battered and bruised.

I stood in shock As I looked up,

He fell to the hands Of his own father.

How much more

Can I take

Of these morbid scenes of Hell?


Up in the distance, I see a line,

Forming at a door.

Out the back came a man,

Carrying a garbage bag.

In they filed

To add to the pile

Of America’s disgrace.


All of a sudden,

I tripped and fell,

I was in great pain.

But, wait a minute! This was a dream.

How could I feel this pain?

A dream indeed, No, not at all.

This is our very own world.

With all this wealth In the world,

Why can’t we feed the poor?

When we see someone Is in distress,

Why can’t we call for help?

Why won’t someone do something

About parents who hurt their kids?

And about this slaughter of pre-born babies,

Why won’t someone speak out?


Wait a minute!

What am I saying?

How can I be so blind?

Why leave it up To someone else?

What makes me so special?

Oh God, Oh God, Please have mercy!

Have mercy on my soul.

This was not a dream, This was not Hell,

This is the real world.


Next time I walk

Down these streets

And see these morbid sights,

Will I make an effort

To make a difference In someone else’s life?

The answer came in a dream,

A dream I had last night.

As I passed all those people,

The face I saw was Christ’s.


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Tough Questions – I Am Pro-life But Can I Force My Morality On Anyone Else?

This is an argument I get so often from people who don’t want to take a stand against abortion or get involved with pro-life work. They always say that other people don’t believe that abortion is killing a human so we can’t force “our morality” on them. Just because we are pro-life does not mean we should tell someone who is not pro-life they should not have an abortion.

I will be honest; this to me is really just a cop-out, an excuse for people to not take a stand or get involved. The fact is, abortion is the taking of a human being’s life and whether someone refuses to see the truth does not change a clear fact. Just because you say that you don’t believe something that is true does not make it untrue.

Let’s look at a few instances in law where people’s disagreement with a truth does not make a difference in the law at all:

1. NAMBLA, an organization that believes that it is morally ok for grown men to sleep with young boys. Yes, this is a real organization that really believes the rest of the world is “pushing their morality” on them by enforcing child molestation laws on them. Should we change the law to allow these perverse men to have sexual relations with young boys just because they believe it is ok? Of course not.

2. Civil Rights Laws, there are still those who think minorities should be segregated and treated as less then human. The whole Civil Rights Movement was forcing a morality on America that needed to be forced. It was imperative that we, as a nation, stood against those who would treat any human person as less than human and establish personhood rights for every single human person.

3. Women’s Suffrage, there are still those who believe that women should not have the right to vote… I think you get the point.

The fact is, we, as a nation, have a duty to pass laws and protect people from inhuman treatment whether or not someone disagrees or not. We, as fellow humans, have a duty to stand up for any fellow human person when he or she is being oppressed, dehumanized or killed by the thousands every day.

Morality is forced on people every day and that is not a bad thing. We force our morality on criminals when they commit crimes, we force our morality on bar owners when we tell them they can’t allow smoking in their establishments. The fact is that almost all laws are forcing some form of morality on someone.

I understand that some people think that life does not begin at fertilization, but that does not change the fact that it does. The moment the sperm and egg are united, a unique human person is formed and has the right to full protection as a human person. When that child is “terminated” or “aborted,” that is an act of homicide.

1. The killing of one human being by another.
2. A person who kills another; murderer.

So back to the question at hand – I Am Pro-life But Can I Force My Morality On Anyone Else?

Yes. In fact, you have a moral and biblical obligation to take a stand and love your neighbor as yourself. ( Luke 10:27 ) If you know that your neighbor ( fellow human person) is being killed by the thousands every day, you must stand up and be a voice for them.

Bryan Kemper – Twitter @bryankemper

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Pro-Life People Must Unite to Save as Many Babies as Possible and End Abortion – A Look at Immediate Abolition vs Incremental Approaches in the Fight to End Abortion.

Bryan Kemper

I have never met anyone who fights for the end of the practice of child killing we call abortion ever say they want to simply regulate it so we can keep fighting it. That is just not a logical or believable position for anyone who is pro-life. In reality, the fact that I am writing this piece is exhausting but necessary.

There is an unfortunate divide in the pro-life world over compromise and when it is acceptable. There are actually many different levels of so called “no compromise” positions inside the very argument of whether a piece of legislation should be supported or not.

The two extremes would be to embrace any legislation that can possible save some lives as we fight for more on our way to the total abolition or reject all legislation that is not 100 percent immediate abolition.  In between that you have those who might accept only the least restrictive legislation because it might not get blocked by courts or those who will take an incremental law as long as there are zero compromises such as rape or incest.

I normally don’t like to write about this publicly but I do believe it needs to be addressed as so many everyday people don’t know which camp to pitch their tent in and who to support in this battle.

I think the last of word of my last paragraph is the key word, battle. Every time we see a new piece of legislation it is but a battle in a larger war. Every time we argue a new way to end some abortions we are picking a battle to chip away at the enemy, which is the pro-abortion industry.

Of course we would want to have that one tactic, that one battle plan that could end the war on the sanctity of life in one fell swoop.  I did not want to spend the past 30 years waking up every day thinking about all the children who will be killed today, I would love to move on to other endeavors in life. However I am also one who understands that sometimes things take time, they take planning, they take strategy and they take a faithful resilience to run the race and cross the finish line.

Let’s looks at the military for a minute. We have several branches of military for a reason. There are many lines of defense and offense when it comes to war. For instance, if a certain piece of land needs to be taken you will have cooperation from the different branches to fight a particular battle. The Air Force may fly over and drop bombs to clear the way for the Army or Marines to advance while the Navy is offshore firing missiles. The fact is many things have to happen that in and of themselves will not win the battle.

So what if you are on a ship in the ocean and several people fall overboard; what is the best way to save their lives?  Would it make sense to argue over the best way to save them? If one person said “I’m going to jump in and grab as many people as I can,” would you tell them not to because they won’t be able to save everyone so they are compromising and sentencing some to death? Would you stop someone from throwing a life preserver to someone because you believe they should use a more comprehensive method like taking the time to lower a life boat and trying to save more people?

In reality there are many things that can be done by many people. Maybe there is a strong swimmer on board who can jump in and start saving as many as he can. At the same time another person with good aim and strong arms starts to throw a life preserver over and pull as many people as he can into the boat. While that is happening others lower the lifeboats and begin to go out and pull people out of the water.

The fact is that all of those things can save lives and should be done by those who are taking those actions. If instead we stood by and argued about whose method worked better or even worse tried to stop others from acting because you don’t agree with their method, everyone would die.

I was once asked on the show “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher what I would do if I came upon a burning building and saw two people inside. One was a baby and the other was then President Bill Clinton, who would I save first. Two of other panelist said they would save the baby while I said I would save whoever I could reach first.

Bill Maher was surprised by my answer thinking as pro-lifer I would obviously go for the baby first. I explained to him that I couldn’t put one person’s value over the others. I could not choose to save the baby because the baby is more important or vice versa, could not choose the President because he was more important. The simple truth is that every single human person is of equal value and I would be obliged to save whoever I can. This is honestly the whole reason I am a full time pro-life advocate: The protection of every single human person as an equal person with a right to live.

In a perfect world we would of course end this holocaust in one fell swoop, just pass a law and immediately shut down every single abortion mill and cease all abortions. In a perfect world we would never have even gotten to this point where thousands of babies are murdered every day. We do not live in a perfect world.

We can complain about a piece of legislation all day. We can point out the faults and imperfections that would not protect every single American child from abortion because it’s not perfect. However the children a particular law can save are the ones right in front of us so we can grab them and save them right now. To tell them you won’t support saving them because you cannot, in the same action, save all children is a disingenuous and self-righteous position.

I have the upmost respect for those who have vocalized so loudly the fact that every single abortion no matter the circumstance of conception of the baby is an act of homicide. Even in the most heartbreaking and emotionally difficult situations, every single pregnant woman is carrying a human person with a full and equal right to life. Every single human from the very moment the sperm and ovum unite deserves protection and I will fight for that protection.

However if I have a chance to save as many other humans on the path to establishing that protection, I will take all of those opportunities.  This does not make me a compromiser; this makes me someone who recognizes that I must fight many battles on the way to winning the war. Let’s be resolute to fight abortion, not abortion fighters.

Bryan Kemper

Follow me on Twitter @BryanKemper

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Can you be morally opposed to an evil but still support the legality and practice of that evil?

Bryan Kemper President of Stand True Pro-life Outreach

One of the most mind-boggling arguments I hear from people on the issue of abortion is, “I’m morally opposed to abortion but I cannot tell someone else what to do and it should remain legal.” Every time I hear this argument it makes my head want to explode.

I have often said to people that I’m sure many said that in the time of slavery. I ask them how they would react to someone saying, “I’m morally opposed to slavery but I would never tell anyone not to own a slave.” The reaction is always, “that’s not the same thing.”

Before I get into my response I wanted to look at history and find people actually using that argument. I was recently in Lancaster, PA at the Catholic Marketing Network working the Priests for Life booth. I looked up historical references to Lancaster and found a lot about our 15th President, James Buchanan. 

One of the first things I read about Buchanan was that he was morally opposed to slavery but didn’t want to make it illegal. Not only had I found someone who used this contradictory argument, I found a US President who espoused this argument.

He went beyond saying that it should remain legal and even went so far as to proclaim interference in slavery was an evil. On Dec 19, 1859 in his third annual message to Congress he said, “”Had it been decided that either Congress or the territorial legislature possess the power to annul or impair the right to property in slaves, the evil would be intolerable.”

To him the attempt to stop slavery was more evil than slavery itself. I would argue that he couldn’t truly be morally opposed to an evil and yet support and defend the practice of that evil. He couldn’t call slavery evil if he believed and declared any attempts to interfere with slavery evil.

So how is this the same thing when it comes to abortion? The answer is quite simple, both slavery and abortion are evils that take a group of human persons and strip them of their rights. Both slavery and abortion allow one group to determine the worth and value of another group and decide their fate.

Buchanan in his writings and speeches proved beyond a shadow of doubt that he truly did not believe that black people were not truly equal humans.

“What would be your situation, fellow-citizens, if negroes were admitted to an equality of political and social rights with white men and white women? …. The subject is too disgusting, and I recoil from it.” (speech on August 18, 1838)

“Alas for the South! It is already ruined for years to come without immediate remedy. Negro equality & negro suffrage have already done their work.” (letter of November 2, 1867)

“The opposition to Negro Suffrage in the South, as well as in the North, has been the principal cause of our triumph everywhere. Abandon this, & we are gone.” (letter of November 9, 1867)

He could not in any believable way truly say that he was morally opposed to slavery when he did not believe that blacks were truly humans. In the same way I cannot believe someone who argues that they are morally opposed to abortion if they believe that pre-born humans are not human enough to protect with full human rights.

Anytime we as a society decide that other humans do not enjoy the same basic rights as us because of uncontrollable circumstances such as skin color, religion or age we are committing a great evil. When anyone disguises this belief as an attempt to protect the rights of one group of people over the rights of another group, this is one of the most ignoble mindsets and must be rejected.

Abortion like slavery does exactly this, it pits the rights of an one human over the rights of another human and strips them of personhood for the convenience of those with power. Both practices are evil and cannot be defended as a right ever.

Most people have heard the phrase, “History repeats itself” and that is exactly what happened when the preborn had their personhood stripped away and the abortion holocaust was unleashed on our nation. While this phrase is often used to point out evil events I believe it will be used again to describe the abolition of abortion.

When those who claim to be morally opposed to abortion truly embrace what that means and raise their voices and demand an end to this genocide, we will see history repeat itself. We will see our preborn brothers and sisters freed from the tyrannical Supreme Court decision that declared they are not human persons and see their rights restored.

One of the shirts I wear the most often reads, “I am the generation that will abolish abortion.”  This is not just a saying on a shirt to me, it is a truth that I fight and dedicate my life to everyday. I urge everyone who has used this apathetic argument to not just be morally opposed to abortion, but be enraged by this evil and demand its abolition.  

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I’m Spending My Birthday Training Youth at Pro-life Camp in DC. This is My Birthday Fundraiser.

Stand True Founder, Bryan Kemper

For my birthday this year I will be at Survivors Pro-life Youth Camp in Washington DC with two of my kids and many more youth from around the country. We will spend 10 days training these young people in all aspects of pro-life work as well as tons of street activism.

For my birthday I am asking people to please consider a donation to Stand True to help us with costs for our ten days at pro-life camp. I have been involved with this camp for many years and taken several of my children with me over the years. I know it’s one of the best ways I can spend time with my kids and invest in their future.

There are a lot of costs with camp fees, driving to DC, food and other costs and Stand True can use your help to make this happen. I would give up any gift for my birthday to have the opportunity to help raise up future pro-life warriors.

If you are able to help us please Donate at HTTPS://GIVE.CORNERSTONE.CC/STAND+TRUE or click the donate button on this page.

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The Life and Death of Aspen Rita Raiff, My Second Grandchild.

On Sunday, June 30th I awoke to about the worse news possible; my daughter Abby who was 7 weeks pregnant lost her baby. Abby had recently been to the doctor to check on the baby and everything was fine. However on Sunday morning she suffered a miscarriage.

According to many people including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Abby was not a mother yet, she simple had a clump of cells inside her womb. We know however that this is far from the truth; Abby is a mom who was looking forward to one day holding her child in her arms.

I asked Abby if she had decided on a name? She had, Aspen Rita Raiff. Abby has also decided that she is going to honor Aspen’s life by giving her a proper funeral. Aspen is Abby’s daughter, not her clump of cells.

Abby and her boyfriend have had some rough times, they are struggling but working hard to try and build a life. They really don’t have much money and cannot afford the costs of the funeral.

Stand True is committed to help them with the costs of the funeral to honor the life of Aspen. We need your help.

Stand True was about to launch a fundraiser to take several youth to Pro-life Summer Camp in a few weeks, now we must raise money also for the costs of the funeral and doctors bills for Abby.

The funeral costs, which include the gravesite, burial costs and headstone, are only $750.  Her emergency room visit will be around $500. A local minister is doing the service at no charge. Aspen will be buried very close to her uncle, Benjamin. There will be a few other costs involved, which we cannot calculate accurately yet.

If you would like to help us provide a beautiful funeral for Aspen it would be greatly appreciated. Our goal for the cost of the funeral and sending kids to pro-life Summer Camp in DC is about $3,000.

If you are able to help us please Donate at HTTPS://GIVE.CORNERSTONE.CC/STAND+TRUE or click the donate button on this page.

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Forget the lake, this summer I am taking my sons to D.C. for Pro-life Youth Summer Camp.

Jaemison Kemper at Survivors Pro-life Summer Camp 2017

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On a daily basis my children ask me about what they hear in school or see online about President Trump and the elections. The younger kids have such a simple and innocent approach to what I do for work: Daddy saves babies.

They have grown up in a family of seven kids and seen pregnancy first hand many times. They have seen the loss of a child through miscarriage and mourn the loss of their sibling often when they visit his grave to leave toys for him. They have seen their older sister embrace an unexpected pregnancy and welcome their niece into our family with love.

They understand that some people don’t believe that children in the womb have rights and they reject that thought categorically when they brag about their dad saving babies.  They know abortion is killing and refuse to even consider any excuse or justification for such an evil.

Two of my sons, Atticus and Jaemison, are teenagers and have grown up going to events with dad, standing in front of abortion mills praying with dad and watching dad speak at concerts, rallies and so many other events. They have asked to go with me whenever I have to leave town for a pro-life event but unfortunately can’t go so many times.

Summertime  is different; they know that every summer dad is part of a pro-life training camp for youth. Their older sister, who now has a baby herself, had been part of this camp and Jaemison has been for the past two summers. This year Atticus is finally old enough and he cannot wait.

On July 16 the three of us will get in my car and drive to Washington, D.C. to take part in the Survivors Youth Pro-life Training Camp ( for 10 days in our nation’s capital. They are so excited to join dad and learn more about how to be a voice for the voiceless and effectively engage our culture with the message of life.

We also need support for our trip to DC for camp. Camp cost $475 per kid plus all travel expenses. Stand True is sending us and we need to raise about $1,500 for the total trip. Donate at or click the donate button on this page.

Parents love to see their kids accomplish great things; hit home runs, score touchdowns, make the honor roll and so many other great moments of childhood. I can tell you that when my son caught his first interception in peewee football I screamed so loud it could have drowned out a tornado siren.

I love seeing my kids strive for accomplishments and achieve great things. I am a proud dad. But more than all of that when I see my kids take an active stand for the dignity of human life I am prouder than ever. They give up 10 days of their summer fun to sit in a classroom setting for hours a day to learn about pro-life work. They take to the streets all afternoon and evening to be a public witness for life and don’t care what anyone says to discourage them. They become activists like their father and I cannot even begin to describe how amazing that feeling is when I see them in action.

With the landscape of politics today and the surge of pro-life laws being passed in so many states this year’s Survivors camp is more important than ever. With every single democratic nominee for president standing so firmly on the right to kill innocent babies in the womb, many of them supporting it up until birth, we must raise our voice.

Last week I wrote a commentary published at LifeNews about the cost of silence in the face of the abortion holocaust. My children have decided that they cannot be silent and want to join their father in this monumentally important fight. My son Jaemison last year wore a pro-life t-shirt to eighth grade almost every day. Atticus is now joining his brother with a passion to take a stand. They understand the cost of silence and are refusing to sit on the sidelines; they are boldly taking the truth to the frontlines.

As the Youth Outreach Director for Priests for Life, I have spent countless hours with Father Frank Pavone, National Director, talking about how we can educate, equip and activate the youth to be the generation that abolishes abortion. We at Priests for Life are excited to be a part of the Survivors Youth Pro-life Camp and encourage anyone reading this to consider sending your kids to camp and to pray for all the young people taking a stand.

We will be posting updates, photos and stories from camp daily here.

We also need support for our trip to DC for camp. Camp cost $475 per kid plus all travel expenses. Stand True is sending us and we need to raise about $1,500 for the total trip. Donate at or click the donate button on this page.

Bryan Kemper

Youth Outreach Director for Priests for Life and President of Stand True Pro-life Outreach. Follow Bryan on twitter @bryankemper

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Ginsburg Saying Pregnant Women Aren’t Mothers Insults Moms Whose Babies Died in Miscarriage

A woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a mother.” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

When I read the words of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg I was heartbroken not only for myself but for all parents who have lost a child to miscarriage. She is lifted as a champion of women but with one sentence she put a dagger in the back of all women.

Without even getting into the fact that there is no constitutional right to abortion in the first place I want to address the painful and hurtful words she just entered into history.

On the morning of February 23, 2011 I awoke to the scream of my wife coming from the bathroom down the hall. I jumped out of bed and ran to her, finding her standing next to the toilet bleeding. In tears she pointed to the toilet where the body of my son (approximately 12 weeks into his development) was floating.

I stood in shock for a moment as we did not even know we were pregnant; the test we took weeks earlier came up negative. Then I noticed my wife was not steady and she was bleeding badly. I wrapped a towel around her to stop the bleeding and scooped my son’s body out of the toilet. I then loaded my wife into the van, as I knew driving her to the hospital would be faster than waiting for an ambulance.

When we arrived in the emergency room the attending doctor immediately called for a specialist, as he could not stop the bleeding; there was blood literally on the walls and floor. As the specialist came into the room he looked up and said, “Oh my God; is that her blood pressure?” My heart stopped. I have to say that was the scariest moment of my entire life as I thought for a moment I might lose my wife.

The doctor was able to stop the bleeding and my wife was stabilized. The doctor pointed to the container holding our son and said he would “take care of that.” I told him, “No, we are going to have a funeral.”

My wife and I sat down with our other children and looked at our son’s body and asked them to name him. We chose Benjamin Davis Kemper. Benjamin Davis Kemper is as much my child as any of our living children. Benjamin Davis is buried in a cemetery in Troy, OH where he was given the dignity he deserved with a funeral and burial.

My family visits Benjamin’s gravesite regularly; we go to mourn the loss of one of our family members, not the loss of a pregnancy. Even if we had not had any other children we would still be parents.

It is necessary for the abortion industry to propagate lies like the one told by Justice Ginsburg in order to justify taking the life of innocent human children by abortion. They must continue this narrative in order to try and convince society that the act of terminating the life of a living human person is really just terminating a pregnancy.

Abortion is more and more being exposed as one of the most anti-women evils in history so they must go as far as even denying a pregnant woman is a mother. True feminists are rising up to declare that their equality cannot and will not be bought with the blood of their children. In fact it further strips away equality and the rights of every woman who is killed at the hands of an abortionist, both mother and child.

Ginsburg Saying Pregnant Women Aren’t Mothers Insults Moms Whose Babies Died in MiscarriageOn behalf of all mothers and fathers who grieve the loss of their child to miscarriage I implore you, Justice Ginsburg, to recant those devastating words. You have lost all ability to speak on behalf of women as you put a dagger in their backs and denied their motherhood.

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Abortion Stops A Beating Heart

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