This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Planned Parenthood Worker Coaching For Sex Selection Abortion

This just release from our Friends at Live Action:
Dear Friend of Life,
Planned Parenthood is coaching the late term abortion of a baby girl, just because she is a girl. And we have it on tape.
I’m excited to share Live Action’s latest investigation with you. Our undercover team has once again exposed Planned Parenthood’s hypocrisy and anti-life ideology.
This time, the abortion giant betrays its own supposedly feminist ideology by knowingly facilitating the sex-selective abortions of baby girls.
Click here to watch video!
Planned Parenthood claims to oppose ‘gendercide.’ So, why was Planned Parenthood staff so focused on aborting a baby girl, just because she was a girl? Even going so far as to coach a late term abortion, in order to confirm that the baby was the unwanted sex?
77% of Americans support a ban on sex-selective abortion. How is it that the practice of girl-murder, which many self-titled ‘pro-choice’ feminists oppose, remains legal across our nation?
Our precious baby girls need your protection now.
– Sign the “Protect Our Girls” petition and join our growing coalition against sex-selection abortion.
– Forward this email to 5 friends.
Sign the petition to send the message to Planned Parenthood and their anti-girl friends that killing a girl because she is a girl is never OK.
“It’s a girl” should always be good news.
For Life,
Lila Rose

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