This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

President Obama Declares War On The Catholic Church

Obama Declares WAR On The
Catholic Church!

February 1, 2012

Dear Friend of Life,

At a time when you’d think President Barack Obama would be trying his best to “woo” the crucial Catholic vote for the November election, he comes out with a doozie of a “decree” from the Department of Health and Human Services that will REQUIRE Catholic institutions such as hospitals, charities, and universities to PAY FOR the abortion-causing “birth control” pills (as well as sterilization and contraception devices) that are diametrically opposed to Catholic moral teaching!

The new decree is a direct part of “ObamaCare” – which Obama himself previously reassured us would “respect” the moral conscience of religious institutions, and never require them to do something against their beliefs or religious principles.

However, now that ObamaCare has become law and is being implemented at the “real world” level, it is quickly revealing its true colors.

Chief among those is the Obama Administration’s obsession with abortion (and anything else involving the culture of death).

The abortion-causing birth-control decree recently issued by HHS states that Catholic Church-run schools, hospitals, charities, and universities must pay for any and all morally-repugnant anti-life “contraceptives” et al. demanded by students and employees.

Naturally, the pro-death abortion cartel is behind this all the way.

According to a recent article in “Ms.” Magazine (Jan. 31, 2012), the Feminist Majority Foundation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the National Council of Jewish Women, and others want to “save birth control from the Catholic bishops.”

These groups – who want “religious freedom” for everyone except Christians – are opposed to the Church’s request to broaden the “religious exemption” in ObamaCare that currently applies only to actual parishes, diocesan offices, and their staff members.

Under the new HHS decree, the Church would be forced to pay 100% (that is, no co-pays or deductibles) for abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization for all students, teachers, nurses, social workers, and other staff (and their families) at religiously-connected or affiliated schools, universities, and hospitals, as well as social service institutions like Catholic Charities.

This, of course, is absolutely unacceptable to the Catholic Church.

It is, first and foremost, a violation of the Church’s religious freedom and rights of conscience.

Secondly, it’s certainly unconstitutional.

And thirdly, it will quite possibly cause the Catholic Church to openly revolt against the Obama Administration– a showdown that would be very costly, time-consuming, and unnecessarily disruptive of all the good work done every day by the Church in the fields of education, health care, and charity.

Do the pro-abortion fanatics care about any of that?


They’re out to force abortion down our throats, no matter what the cost.

Furthermore, this is just the first stage in the pro-aborts’ plans to make everyone pay for abortion through ObamaCare.

Witness this statement from a Planned Parenthood web site:

Tell HHS: Protect Women’s Access To Private Insurance
Coverage For Abortion

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is on the verge of issuing new rules that will determine whether millions of women are able to purchase private health insurance that includes abortion care.

Our opponents want to ban insurance coverage for abortion for every woman in America and make it impossible for millions to get affordable care – and they’re sending a flood of messages to HHS. We can’t let them drown us out.[SOURCE:]

As you can see, this is an all-out WAR to get the taxpayer to PAY FOR THE CULTURE OF DEATH.

And naturally, the abortion cartel is picking on their #1 EnemyThe Catholic Church.

The pro-abortion forces know that if they can “knock out” the Catholic Church in one fell swoop, there will be NO further opposition to subsidized abortion ever… simply because no one but the Catholic Church has the power to mount an effective resistance to this unholy “act of war” by the Obama Administration.

Already, the Church has officially sprung into action – with bishops from coast to coast openly refusing to go along with the new HHS guidelines (which start to take effect in August of this year).

Furthermore, Catholic colleges are already filing lawsuits against the HHS ruling. If need be, these cases will go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

And the Catholic laity is being summoned to contact their representatives in Washington in order to get legislation passed that will circumvent the tyrannical HHS decree.

Therefore, YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED in order to “weigh in” on this absolutely crucial fight!

We at Priests For Life are currently making this a TOP PRIORITY for the foreseeable future. We won’t back downuntil this Nazi-style HHS ruling is rescinded or reversed!

We encourage you to pray for all the bishops and other Church leaders who are spearheading this fight. (And, thank God, there are many!)

We also ask you to contact your own pastor and urge him to take action locally and speak about this issue from the pulpit. Right now, most Catholics are “in the dark” on the issue – especially when it comes to Church teaching on contraception and openness to life.

This is truly a “teaching moment” that must not be squandered!

Therefore, be sure to inform yourself about the nature of this battle, as well as the fight against the contraceptive/abortion mentality in general.

Below is a link that will be useful in your quest to become a strong soldier in this war – a war in which the Obama Administration drew “first blood.”

Thank you for your support.

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director,
Priests for Life



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