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Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity Tomorrow – Some Last Minute Reminders / Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity Tomorrow – Some Last Minute Reminders

IMPORTANT – Even if you registered last year, you need to register again this year as we don’t carry them over from the year before and we need an accurate account.

Tomorrow we will be posting photos and stories that you e-mail to as they come in at, you can follow all the news from around the world here.

Last year we heard back from 64 girls who cancelled their abortions because of the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, will you join us this year as we reach hundreds of thousands of people with the message of life.

Here are three testimonies from last year.

“I attend a Baptist college so I knew I wouldn’t get much of a chance to spread the word so after my last class I went down to the mall and was there for about 20 minutes before a group of teenage girls walked up to me and asked what I was doing. I handed them a paper and one started to cry. I took off the tape and asked what was wrong. I found out that 2 of those girls had just set up an appointment for an abortion. We sat and talked for almost an hour; it was clear that God was at work. Not only did these girls cancel the appointment but I had the privilege to lead them to the Lord.”

“I was surprised as to how much I prayed; I have never prayed that much in school, ever. There were originally five people doing it this morning and by the end of the day it doubled. I was super happy. You never know how many people are affected by the things you do.”

“There was another woman considering abortion, so again I broke my silence and had a 15 minute tear-session/convo with her and she too opted for adoption! I’m so far beyond ecstatic and I am yet again radically affected by this!”

Don’t Forget To:

1. Register at so we have a correct count of all the schools with participants.

2. Take lots of photos and video tomorrow. You can post your photos at along with your stories. Every year we get some amazing photos and stories posted, we can’t wait to hear about what happens this year. You can also send storie, photos and video to

3. Pro-life Day on Twitter: NEW! This year we have added a designated hash mark for twitter #prolifeday, make sure you are using this hash mark to help get this event trending as a top topic. You can follow the event at

4. Don’t be legalistic, talk if you have the opportunity to help someone considering abortion. Every year we hear back from dozens of students who are able to talk people out of abortions, take those opportunities. Make sure you let us know about any stories like this.

5. Print out the fliers from to pass out tomorrow.

6. Be respectful tomorrow. Don’t let people set you off or cause you to lose your temper. Be good witness.

7. Change your Facebook profile picture too –×450-a-v1.gif

8. Invite people to the Facebook fan page –

9. Please consider making a donation at to help cover the costs of running this event.

10. This is the most important reminder, pray. Make sure you are in an attitude of prayer all day, pray for all who persecute you.


Here are some of the most asked questions about the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity

We are getting hundreds of questions a day in our e-mail box; most of which are answered in our Frequently Asked Question Section:

Question – What if my school, teacher or administrator says no?
Answer – If they tell you that you cannot participate in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity you need to contact our lawyers who will help you fight for your rights. Their contact information can be found on the web site under the legal help section.

Question – Do I have to wear red duct tape on my mouth all day?
Answer – The red duct tape is only one option for the event. You can also wear it on your arm or shirt. You can also wear a red arm band or a pro-life t-shirt to show your support. This is up to you and what you are comfortable with. Some schools will allow you to participate but not allow the duct tape on the mouths because of safety concerns.

Question – Why be silent? Should we speak out against abortion instead of being silent?
Answer – The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity is actually one of the loudest voices against abortion on campuses all year. When you have a group of students talking about something it might get a little buzz around campus. When groups of students refuse to speak it actually draw a lot more attention and becomes one of the most talked about things on campus all week. With the fliers being passed out on the day and all the conversations for the rest of the week, it speaks way louder than just words ever can.

Question – What if some one wants to talk to me about abortion or has a serious question?
Answer – While we are taking a vow of silence for the day we do not want to be legalistic about this. Last year many kids broke their silence to talk to girls who were considering abortion. We know of at least 16 of these high school girls who then cancelled abortion appointments and decided to keep their babies. Use your best judgment and speak if you need to. Some people may be just trying to harass you, while others may seriously need to talk to someone.

Question – I don’t know if I can be silent all day, that seems to hard.
Answer – Use the time you are silent for prayer. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have in the fight against abortion. There will be thousands of students across the nation participating with you in solidarity, keep them in your prayers through out the day. Pray for the abortion doctors and clinic workers to come to Christ. Pray for all involved in the abortion industry, that we can be a witness to them and that God will give us opportunities to share the Gospel with them.

Question – What do I pass out to people who want to talk to me / Where do I get the fliers?
Answer – The flyer is available for free download on the web site. You may use other pro-life literature along with the flyer, but the flyer is important to explain what you are doing. If you cannot afford to make copies of the flyer we can help by printing some for you.

Question – What date is the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity on?
Answer – Tuesday, October 19th, 2010. The 2011 date is October 18th, 2011.

Question – Where do I get red duct tape?
Answer – You can get it at almost any hardware store, Wal-mart, Target or store like that.

Question – Where do I get a red arm band?
Answer – Just use any piece of red fabric or red duct tape.

Question – Can I find out who else at my school is doing this?
Answer – We have a strict privacy policy and will not give out anyone’s information for their safety.

Question – I have choir, drama, debate ect… Do I have to be silent for those classes.
Answer – That is up to you and your teacher. I encourage everyone who can do it all day to really make an effort to remain silent. Remember we are acting in solidarity with those who are silenced forever.

Question – Does passing notes, e-mail, im and texting count?
Answer – While this is up to you it would be great for you give all of this up to be in solidarity for those who will never be able to do these things. One day is nothing compared to what happens to them. Notes can be useful in some situation like ordering food and such, but should be used at a minimum.

Question – Are you affiliated with Bound for Life?
Answer – We are not officially affiliated with them but we do work with many of their groups and people. They have promoted this event and I have talked to the leadership about working together on projects.

Question – Is the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity a non-profit organization?
Answer – We are a division of Stand True – Christ Centered Pro-life, a 501 c3 organization. The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity is just one project of Stand True. Please visit for more information about Stand True.

Question – Are we supposed to wear the official Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity T-shirt?
Answer – First let me say that the shirt is in no way necessary for this event. We actually did not design a shirt for the event on purpose the first few years. We did not want this event to be about money or selling shirts. However so many people have asked us to do a shirt we decided to pick one of our shirts that best spoke for this day and promote that one instead of just making a shirt specifically for the event. Remember this is just an optional part of the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. One of the other things kids do is to make their own shirts for the event and we think that is amazing. I love to see the pictures of everyone in the shirts they have made. So if you are feeling creative we encourage you to make your own shirt. ( )

Question – How can I support this ministry?
Answer – There is no real cost to getting involved in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity for you. There are, however, many costs for Stand True to put this event on. We would be honored to have your support so we can continue to make this a bigger and more effective event. You can go to and donate


Share the The Vision

In the spring of 2004, a student from McNeese State University asked me, “What can I do to work with other students around the country, in solidarity, to help end abortion?”

I hear things like that all the time from the students I speak to. “What can I do? I have ideas, but I don’t know what to do with them. Can I really make a difference? I’m just one person.”

When this student asked me, a spark went off in my head.

I replied, “What if we got students to not only act in solidarity with others, but also with the children that are dying every day?” As soon as I said it, I knew God had set something in motion inside of me.

At the time, I was one person working from the basement of my home with a computer, a web site, and a small e-mail list that I had been collecting for a few months. I wasn’t’t’t really sure what could be accomplished with that, but I offered it to God and started sending out emails.

Now, something that started its first year as just a few thousand students from 300 campuses has grown into a world-wide outpouring of love and action. The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity is in it’s 8th year, and last year we had students from more that 4,000 campuses in 28 countries stand together in solidarity. We have heard of hundreds of girls who have cancelled abortions because of this day every year.

Hearts are being changed, babies are being saved, and women are being spared the trauma of post-abortive pain. People are coming together in unity to promote a culture of life. Personhood is being restored on campuses across the nation.

I really cannot take any credit for the success of this movement. It is only God who grants us the power to do this. I was one person who listened to God and, through Him, acted on the vision He gave me.

If you have an idea, a vision or dream, don’t be afraid to stand up and let your voice be heard. Don’t doubt what you can accomplish with Christ. Don’t think that because you are just one person you can’t make a difference.

“I have a dream”–a statement powerfully spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and yet so much more than just words. He did not cower in the face of adversity. He spoke those words with passion and conviction. He challenged the world to stand up for the rights and equality of all men.

I, too, have a dream. I, too, will not cower in the face of adversity. I believe that, through Christ, we can restore personhood to the most innocent of our brothers and sisters: the children in the womb.

Today, 4000 of my generation will be silenced.

Today 4000 of my brothers and sisters lives will be ended simply because of their age.

Today, I will stand up and share my dream, my idea, and my vision with the world.

Will you stand with me?

For Christ I stand,
Bryan Kemper
President of Stand True &
Director of Youth Outreach for Priests for Life
Stand True * PO Box 890 * Troy, OH 45373
Tel 540.538.2581

PS: You can get the official t-shirt for the 2011 Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity “Abortion Is Never A Necessary Evil” at along with all of Stand True’s pro-life clothing line. This month we are featuring all pro-life hoodies on sale.

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