This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Radicals Try to Eject Pro-Lifer from Family Planning Summit

LONDON, June 11 (C-FAM) Today in London, security forces at the Melinda Gates Family Planning Summit approached C-FAM representative Wendy Wright and demanded to know how she got in. Pro-abortion representatives at the conference recognized Wright and accused her of sneaking in.

Attendance at the conference has been tightly controlled. Only supporting governments and organizations have been allowed into the event. All non-governmental attendees had to be approved by International Planned Parenthood Federation, which has been organizing “civil society” participation. IPPF has refused admittance to any group that is critical of the Gates family planning initiative which intends to raise $6 billion to target poor women for population control programs.

Security backed off when Wright was able to produce her identification and her press badge. She remains in the one-day conference, at least for now.

C-FAM president Austin Ruse said, “This event is highly controlled. They want a message coming out of the conference of complete unanimity. The only way to get that is to keep others out. But, pro-lifers will not be silenced in our defense of poor women who do not want Melinda Gates’ contraceptives.”


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