This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

RH Reality Checks Top 10 “pro-choice” signs.

These are what RH Reality Check calls their top ten “pro-choice” signs.  Along with my responses to them.  Be warned some of them are crude and vulgar.

Austin, TX – Source

There are many signs in this photo and I will respond to two of them.  One says that if she wanted the government in her womb she would have relations with a senator, then why not also keep government funding out of her womb. Another one uses the classic “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries” and again I would say keep my wallet off of your ovaries.

Chicago, IL – Source

I find it funny that this woman who is talking about “bright, young women” uses a picture of a mermaid in a Bikini.  Is this really how to show women’s intelligence?

Austin, TX, Source

Republicans will fight for the rights of all of the above not to be murdered, get real buddy.

NYC – Source

There are almost no words for this one.  I think she is trying to say the Tea Party is dumb, but her own ignorance is all that shows through.

NYC – Source

Once again a sign talking about staying out of their vagina, yet what they are screaming about is wanting our tax dollars to cover their sex lives.  Make up your mind people.

Seattle, WA – Source

I would welcome a public vote asking the public if they wanted to fund abortion, Planned Parenthood, contraception….. Lets have that vote.

Columbus, OH – Source

Yet one more pro-abortion activist asking us not to fund Planned Parenthood without realizing it.

Tampa, FL – Source

And again, if your Uterus is private property then privately fund it’s activity.

Boston, MA – Source

Pro-life: The radical idea the pre-born women are people.

Grand Rapids, MI – Source

Her life, Her Body, Her Decision –  then she can use her own money.

It is amazing that many of these signs actually argue our points for defunding Planned Parenthood.  Ignorance is abundant in the pro-abortion movement.

If you have a good caption for any of these photos please share them with me.


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