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Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Will you join the effort to restore #peace in the womb? #prolife

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Will you join the effort to restore #peace in the womb? #prolife

I agree that a woman should not kill her child with a coat hanger #abortion, but a woman shouldn’t kill her #child any other way either.

Being pro-life doesn’t mean you believe the baby’s rights are greater than the mother’s. It means you believe they are equal. End #abortion.

The #human heart starts beating 3 weeks after #fertilization. How can anyone say that a #preborn child isn’t human and can be #killed?

When can you kill a child? If they’re handicapped? If you can’t afford them? If they’re conceived in rape? I say never! #prolife #abortion

Pro #abortion people sometimes say the #preborn is a clump of cells and not a baby in the womb. If it’s not a baby then she’s not #pregnant.

#Abortion is not #prowoman. It kills #preborn women. #feminists #prolife

If #abortion is ok only when the child has a #deformity , when is it not ok? None of us have #perfectbodies. Every child is #beautiful .

When we see a #pregnant woman, we are seeing 2 people: a #mom and her #baby. Love them both. #prolife #prolove

"Life, liberty, and pursuit of hapiness" without the #righttolife, no other right can be granted. #prolife

Over 3500 children are being #murdered every day in #America alone while #Christians carry on with their normal lives #abortion #prolife

Live, laugh, love and let others do the same. #chooselife #abolish #abortion #prolife #prolove

#Birth is #beautiful. #Babies are beautiful. #Adoption is beautiful. #adoption


Abortion in Cases of Rape is Violence Upon Violence.

The manner in which a human person is conceived does not change the science or genetic makeup of said human person. While the act of rape is a horrific, violent and tragic act, a child conceived in this act is still a human child. The mother should not be subjected to an additional act of violence that further degrades and victimizes her. Abortion in cases of rape heaps violence upon violence and robs the mother of a glimpse of light in a dark situation.

We should just agree to disagree.

Answer: “agree to disagree” and move on. NEVER! I will never agree to disagree when it comes to the killing of an innocent human person. What if MLK Jr. “agreed to disagree”? The ONLY think I will agree too is the total abolition of abortion.

Don’t judge me, Christians aren’t supposed to judge.

Answer: The unfortunate truth is that apathetic Christians equally use this argument. When someone committing a violent act against another human person, Christian or not we have the right and responsibility to judge and take action to stop it. Judgment is a word that is over-vilified and should be practiced when injustices are prevalent. Rape is wrong, abortion is wrong, child molesting is wrong; if that is being judgmental, so be it.

Even if we outlaw abortion, people with still get them so it should stay legal.

Answer: You can say that for any evil or injustice. We have outlawed slavery, yet it still happens. We have outlawed rape, yet it still happens. An injustice is still an injustice whether it happens or not and should always be outlawed.

A fetus cannot survive on it’s own so it is ok to kill it.

Answer: A newborn baby cannot survive on it’s own without the care of someone else. Just because someone cannot survive without the help of another person does not mean that person does not have the right to live.

If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one.

Answer: That is like saying “if you don’t like sex trafficking, don’t sex traffic”. To equate abortion or sex trafficking with a simple preference is to deny the humanity victim being trafficked or killed. Abortion equates to an act of homicide; one person killing another person. Therefore we cannot simply refrain from active participation; we must actively advocate for the abolition of such an act.

A fetus is just a potential life.

Answer: A sperm or an ovum are potential lives, once united, they become a unique human life. Calling a fetus a potential life is like calling a carrot in the ground, a potential carrot. The carrot cannot suddenly become an artichoke just like a fetus cannot suddenly become an ostrich. A human fetus is just that, human.

We need to minimize the “need” for abortion, not outlaw it.

Answer: The problem with this argument is that it is impossible to establish a “need” to kill an innocent human person. Categorizing homicide as something needed is tantamount to eugenics. If we embrace this attitude then we concede that abortion is sometimes a necessary evil. Abortion is NEVER a necessary evil; it is just plain evil.

A fetus is just a clump of cells.

Answer: Ok let’s get this straight. Yes a fetus is a clump of cells, however you and I are also clumps of cells. In reality we are all clumps of cells in the different stages of development. In all stages of that development we are also human persons deserving of full protection.

Abortion must remain safe and legal so women don’t go to back alleys.

Answer: First, abortion is never “safe” for the child who is being killed. Second, you don’t legalize a violent act just so the persons committing that act are “safe” in doing so. Should we then create “safe” rape clinics to people don’t commit that act in a back alley? Abortion is an act of violence against a human being; it is never safe and certainly should not be legal.