This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Spring 40 Days for Life Ends Today With 483 Babies Saved This Campaign – 4,082 Babies Saved Since September 2007

40 Days for Life event in Fox Valley, IL

Well, here we are … the final day of the first 40 Days
for Life
campaign of 2011. And what an amazing campaign
it has been with a record 247 locations!

But that’s not the milestone.

So far during this campaign, we are aware of …

… 483 babies who have been saved from abortion. (And
reports from local teams will still be coming in for the
next week or so. So we hope and pray that number will
continue to grow.)

But that’s not the milestone.

Since 40 Days for Life started these coordinated
campaigns in September of 2007, we now know of …


And yes, THAT is the milestone!

The current total is 4,082!

4,082 people is a lot of folks. If you’ve ever heard of
Centerville, Tennessee or Lathrop, Missouri — those are
towns whose populations are around 4,082.

Through your prayers, God has spared enough human beings
to fill a WHOLE TOWN.


I can only wonder what our Lord will do next!

Today we start in Manassas, Virginia and the AMAZING
witness of a mom with her three young daughters by
her side.


The abortion industry REALLY doesn’t like 40 Days for
Life! Here’s what I mean.

A mom and her three daughters were praying at the vigil
when the abortionist angrily approached them, cursing
at them and shouting, “You’re going to hell!”

The mother was astonished. When she was able to get a
word in, she responded, “YOU’RE killing babies in there!”

“Yeah?” replied the abortionist.


After that shocking display, she took her daughters
into the nearby pregnancy resource center.

This story takes the mask off “choice” and is a sobering
reminder of the evil were are fighting in the abortion
industry. Please keep praying!


Emily says she and a friend had a similar experience.

While they were praying quietly, a woman came storming
out of the abortion center, ran up to them and started
screaming, practically in their faces.

“You can’t be here! This is illegal,” she said. “You’re
breaking the law! You’re protesters! This is illegal!”

Well, obviously, it was not illegal.

When the woman finally stopped yelling and began walking
back to the building, Emily’s friend said, “God bless
you, ma’am.”

The woman turned around to scream once more: “He already
does! And YOU work for the DEVIL!”

“This experience left me more determined than ever that
our presence outside the abortion clinic is not only a
good idea, but an absolute necessity,” Emily said.

Abortion centers are places of death, despair, anger and
hatred — “epicenters of evil,” she called them.

“Although I don’t usually feel like I’m making a
difference by being there, just because I can’t see
any physical evidence,” said Emily, “I now know that
by simply being present, we are helping to counter
that evil with love, peace, truth and light!”


Of course, there are many joyful things happening at
40 Days for Life vigils, too! It was a busy day at the
abortion center in South Bend where volunteers pray.

As the group prayed, they watched as a young woman
walked out of the facility and headed towards the cars.
But then she went back inside — then came out again.
The group took note, but just kept praying.

She went back inside once more — and then came out a
third time. This time, however, she got in her car and
drove up alongside the people praying.

In her left hand, she held a stack of money. In her
right hand, she held an ultrasound image. She leaned
out the window and announced, “I didn’t do it!”

“You could feel the peace and joy of God surrounding
that young mother,” said Sally in South Bend. “We were
all so moved. God is good!”

Yes, He is!


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