This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Students tell me it is OK for parents to kill infants if they don’t want them anymore – Can these hearts be turned without Christ as the center of the pro-life message?

I know we have had this discussion here before but I find it needs to be looked at deeper in light of my recent trip to Europe.  When the darkness is so thick that students would argue that it is OK to kill infants after they are born if the parents don’t want them; maybe we need to rethink the idea of leaving God out of this work.

I stood in front of the University of Gent with Eric Scheidler of The Pro-life Action League, several of the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust and delegates from Youth for Life Belgium and was actually shocked by what we heard.  We heard students openly embracing eugenics as if it was an act of charity; talking about killing people the way Adolph Hitler would talk about killing the Jews.  One student talked about killing children because they will have no memory of it so it will be fine.

Eric and I were so taken aback by this and blown away that we were the first group to ever really confront this issue openly in the streets in Gent.  We talked about how the darkness of satan is so thick in the country and only the Light of Christ could break through.

What really struck me about this afternoon was the fact that this could happen in America if we don’t boldly step up and shine the Light of Christ.  We must wake up those who claim to follow Christ and put a fire under their feet before we end up like Europe, in a post Christian era.

At the end of the week there another incident happened to me and I shared it in a Facebook status yesterday. I shared a status about being asked to leave the name of Jesus out of a pro-life talk.  I was actually surprised by many of the responses I received from people.  I have an atheist friend who is also a pro-life activist and I totally understand where his is coming from on this topic. He actually understood my position more than many of my Christian friends who disagreed with me.

Here is the original post

Recently someone suggested I leave the name of Jesus out of my talk at a pro-life event. If you ever say that to me you can guarantee I will double the amount of times I say His name. Pro-life without Christ is like the ocean without water, it just does not work.

Many people argued that we would just turn off people by bringing religion or God into the argument. Some said it was a matter of the country they live in and the culture there.  I heard many arguments about why we should just use a secular argument and not talk about God because it would harm our message.

Here is one of the dissenting opinions I received.

While I am a deeply religious person, truth be told not everyone is…

when you try to convince a non Christian about the sanctity of life it does not matter how good your argument is, so long as you mention Jesus they will be turned off and non-responsive if they perceive you are there to convert them….

It is important to remember that sanctity of life is an integral concept within natural law… natural law teaches that these truths are universal truths, accessible via reason alone, and thus across all faiths, cultures, and creeds…

Hence in order to save the most number of children from the horror of abortion we must argue on the basis of sanctity of life, that each child is valuable for and of themselves, irrespective of whether the parents are Christian or not…

By mentioning Christ in your arguments, you severely restrict your audience to those who have already found Him…. that does not mean that you cannot argue on a faith-based reason as to the evils of abortion, but that you should always be wary of your audience and your intended effect…

there is always value found in strengthening your own troops, and this can be done in 2 ways:
1- providing them with armour to protect them against the enemy (through Christ-centred arguments)
2- providing them with ammunition to counter the arguments of the culture of death in which we now live…

Ammunition against the culture of death is most effective when given in a religiously neutral format… by targeting the widest possible audiences…

yet if there is a particular scenario calling for a Christian viewpoint, then by all means, use your most effective weapon for the targeted audience…

Needless to say I disagree with them. I am not trying to bash them or their work, I am thankful for anyone who is speaking out for the voiceless.  I am saying that in the way that I and Stand True have until now and will alway operate is that we share the truth of Christ as the center of our message.  Here is my response.

To say that mentioning Christ restricts our message is to deny the power of Christ and His name. The only reason I can take a breath right now is because of what Christ did in my life and that is just as important as the pro-life message.

I do understand some of the points that people are making but they just don’t hold water with me. I guess I just look at life differently; coming from being a former drug dealer, addict and all around nasty heathen.

The fact is that one man, a doctor in a hospital whose job it was to save me from my overdose and clean my body out of the massive amount of drugs went a step further. He took me outside and shared the hope and healing power of Christ to one of the most evil young men in southern California. He did not care if his audience was hostile to the message or if I would be turned away because he was sharing Christ with me. He just shared the truth and let God work; in fact he has no Idea that the 5 minutes he took out of his morning was the launching pad to my walk with God.

Psalm 40:2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

This is where I stand; I will always and without exception give account and glory to Almighty God for what He has done in my life. When I am preaching a pro-life message, that message is only made possible because of God and Him creating these children. The ability for me to give that message is only made Possible because God pulled me out of that pit.

God is truth and His truth will never and can never be shared in vain; we must shine the light in the darkness or the darkness will remain. It is not us who convinces someone to love God, it is God convicting their hearts, we must present the message and let God do the rest. I know God will and can move even in an audience who does not yet know Him. I just got back from preaching and teaching in Europe and the darkness is so thick there you can feel it. The fact is the pro-life message needs the gospel of Christ, His light to break through that darkness. I understand that there are scientific arguments against abortion, but the pro-life message must be centered on Christ to be succesful.

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper


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