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Stand True Summer Mission 2013 Report / Photos / Videos

Dear Friends:

It has been several weeks since our last e-mail update as we have been literally all over the planet for weeks now proclaiming the pro-life message and fighting abortion. From California to New Hampshire, Texas to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the Stand True team has been hard at work.

After returning from the National Right to Life Convention in Dallas, and Survivors Pro-life Training Camp in California last month, three of our team members went to Austin, TX to help with the passing of HB1. Stand True’s videos were some of the most watched from the event with over 10,000 views in one day. Amberlee recounts the experience here along with photos and video:

While some of the team was in Austin, the rest of us were attending music festivals in Illinois and Colorado where I was able to speak as well as run pro-life booths in the heart of the festivals.

Stand True also took on the City of Troy, OH where our missionary office and apartments are located. The city tried to stop us from chalking pro-life messages but ultimately realized they had no legal ground to squash free speech.

The team also drove to Philadelphia where we stood with Father Frank Pavone, Rev. Pat Mahoney, Kristan Hawkins of SFLA and others demanding the release of and proper funeral for the babies that abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murdering. We were denied access to the Medical Examiner’s Office to even make the request but we will be back in late August for a rally and prayer vigil. To read more about this event and see pics and videos click here:

In late July, I flew to Rio to be part of World Youth Day, an event bringing millions of youth together to celebrate their faith and grow in Christ. I met with countless young people from dozens of nations to talk about becoming active in pro-life.  I was able to give pro-life talks to groups from the US who were there as part of the event and network with several bands from South America and the US who want to use their talent for pro-life.

Ten hours after returning home from Brazil, I packed my oldest daughter and the Stand True Mission Team into the Stand True Van and drove 16 hours to New Hampshire, where I was a featured speaker at Soulfest. Stand True has been a part of this festival since our beginning and is always able to minister to tons of people there.

The team headed to New York next for some meetings and training at the Priests for Life office with Father Frank Pavone, Janet Morana of Silent No More, Kevin Burke of Rachel’s Vineyard an Dr. Alveda King.

We are now back in Troy, OH getting ready for the last couple of events of the summer which include another trip to Philadelphia for the “Cry for Dignity” event with Rev. Pat Mahoney and Father Frank Pavone.

The next week will be spent taking inventory, getting ready to reorder literature and resources and prepping for the big Mumford and Sons outreach here in Troy.

I have loaded tons of photos and videos here for you to check out of our adventures so far. Please continue to pray for the team and also consider making a donation to help us finish out the summer.

If you can donate please do so at or on the donate button on this page.

Donations can also be mailed to Stand True – PO Box 890 – Troy, OH 45373 or call 540-538-2581 to donate by phone.

For Christ I stand, Bryan Kemper

Bryan Kemper Speaking at press conference in Philadelphia

Bryan Kemper reacting after being locked out of Medical Examiners Office

All Hell Break Loose in Austin

Pro-aborts Arrested in Texas

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