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The Fate Of Women If There Were No Planned Parenthoods In GA – Planned Parenthood’s Fuzzy Math

What would happen to women’s health if there were suddenly a cut to federal funding to Planned Parenthood? Planned Parenthood is trying to scare the country into thinking there will suddenly be no health care for women; women will be dying in the streets because there is just no one to give them basic health care.

Lets look at the state of Georgia, I am here right now to give a pro-life talk at Gainesville State College. My friend Joshua Edmonds recently did a research project on Planned Parenthood Title X funded health care clinics; the results were eye opening to me.

First I am going to tip this argument in favor of Planned Parenthood by eliminating all the hospitals, private practices and non-government funded facilities. Despite the fact that there are countless places for women to get basic health care in the places I eliminated, I will still eliminate them from the equation.

In Georgia there are a total of 5 Planned Parenthood facilities according to their website. WOW! only 5 Planned Parenthood facilities for all the women of Georgia to get their basic health care needs, it must be tough for the women of Georgia. Now I will tip the scales of this argument even more towards Planned Parenthood’s side and assume we had defunded Planned Parenthood. All 5 of these clinics would close down. Now we know this is not what would happen, they would have to cut back a lot but not close down all 5 clinics.

So what would happen to women now? What other options are there especially for poor women? Will there be no basic health care for them left in the state of Georgia?

In the state of Georgia alone there are 222 federally Title X funded health clinics that provide all of the services that Planned Parenthood provides and DO NOT perform abortions. Not only do they provide the same services but many of them provide Mammograms, a service Planned Parenthood DOES NOT provide. I did not do that well at math in school but I think I can figure this one out.

When Planned Parenthood says that if they lose their funding women will not be able to find affordable basic health care in the state of Georgia it is like saying; if 5 Burger Kings shut down across the state, people would not be able to find a hamburger in the state of Georgia.

Call your Senators and explain this simple math to them before they vote on Thursday; Planned Parenthood does not need taxpayer money.


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