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“This year’s Stand True Summer Mission Trip brought us news of babies rescued, hearts turned to Christ and children adopted because of the work of Stand True.”

As you can see by the title of this story, we have had a fruitful Mission Trip this summer. What makes this fruit so sweet that it not just stories about what God did this year; we also have some amazing stories about fruit from past mission trips that we are just learning about.

Last week was our final music festival of the summer: Purple Door Arts and Music Festival. I was sitting behind the booth when a couple approached me and asked if I was Bryan Kemper (something that actually happens often). The woman then explained to me that she heard me speak at a music festival 12 years ago and it inspired her to want to get involved with pro-life. I was not prepared for what happened next.

She shared with me that I talked about adoption and she thought that was a great way for her to get involved and do her part. She then introduced me to her husband and her adopted child who she adopted from a woman who was going to have an abortion. The tears welled up in my eyes as I got to see this precious child whose life was spared and who was adopted into a loving family partially because of words I spoke at a festival 12 years ago.

A week before this our team was up in the mountains of New Hampshire at another festival called Soulfest, which has shown fruit almost every year we have been there. One of the coolest things that always seems to happen at Soulfest is that I end up talking to post-abortive women who have not been able to forgive themselves or accept forgiveness from God.

This year it was a young teenage girl who bared here heart to me about making a mistake that she knew was wrong. She struggled with not believing God really forgave her no matter how much she repented. I shared with her about how God says in His Word that He throws our sins are far as the east is from the west; that He washes us white as snow. To see the smile on this girl’s face as she was able to accept that she is forgiven and that God has made her whole again was priceless.

Just two weeks before Soulfest in New Hampshire, we were on the opposite coast in the Pacific Northwest at Creation Festival West. My first time at Creation Festival West with Stand True was two years ago when it was held at the Columbia River Gorge; now it is near Mt Rainer.

While I was getting ready to pack up the booth on the last night, a man approached me in a crowd; he asked if I was Bryan Kemper (I told you I get this a lot, and it often times comes with a cool story like this). I said yes and he then proceeded to tell me a story about three girls I had talked to two years back at the Gorge. When he described them as three pro-choice atheists I knew exactly whom he was talking about; it was a conversation I do remember. He then told me that after I talked with these girls they began to think about what I said and all three of them have now given their lives to Christ. He also explained that one of them got pregnant and because our talk she decided not to abort her child and gave her child the gift of life.

I will be honest, as I type out the stories I get pretty emotional and even get teary-eyed; my wife teases me about being the emotional sap of the family. I am proud to wear the badge of sap if it means I can hear more stories like these; I welcome the tears as I think about what God is doing with this ministry.

What next? How you can help us continue to see this fruit.

The van is unpacked, the tubs are emptied, the shelves are somewhat restocked and the team has all headed back to school or home. To honest the office is quiet and lonely with out the mission team, and I miss them immensely. I also know that God is using them back home and I am excited to see what is next in their lives and how they will bless the pro-life movement.

I have hundreds of hours of catching up to do, as I have not been in the office for more that a couple of days in since June. The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity is just around the corner, the March for Life Berlin is in just a few weeks, the launch of Stand True West Coast is happening as I type this e-mail and that is just scratching the surface of what we have to get accomplished this fall.

Right now we need your support urgently as we want to jump right into our fall projects. While the Summer Mission Trip is fruitful, it also takes every bit of money we have and we have a lot of resources we need to replenish.

Please consider giving a donation as we commit to carry on the hard work we did all summer into the fall season. Your donation today will ensure that I can continue to share amazing stories of babies rescued, hearts turned to Christ and this generation bringing and end to the culture of death.

Your donation of $25, $35, $50, $100 or any amount will guarantee we can complete all of the fall projects. We must raise at least $3,500 this month to catch up on the bills and launch our fall projects.

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