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Thousands of Christians and Many Clergy Show Up For Ecumenical Prayer Vigil at Planned Parenthood on Good Friday

I just got this report from our friends at Pro-life Action Ministries

Dear Friend of the Unborn,

More than 2,500 Christians (according to unofficial police estimates) attended our annual All-Day Good Friday Prayer Vigil at the Planned Parenthood abortuary in St. Paul, Minn. And this may be a serious underestimation of the crowd. Each of the past two years have seen around 2,000 in attendance. (Planned Parenthood, which claims to be raising money off our presence, estimates the crowd at only about 1,000). For long periods of the day, we stretched a long distance in a street lane on Ford Parkway.

Fifteen area pastors of various denominations led prayer and scripture reading each half hour. A life-sized cross was our only sign as it was carried by attendees two or three or more at a time. Between meditations, hymns were sung led by the Franciscan Brothers of Peace in the morning and Curt Locklear and friends the remainder of the day.

Police “fenced off” areas for the vigil attendees and for Planned Parenthood’s counter-demonstrators who added to the effect by jeering, cheering and “whooping” it up. The solemnness of our vigil was a stark contrast. The cold, rain-threatening weather added to the atmosphere, giving attendees an experiential understanding of the events of Christ’s suffering and death. Planned Parenthood brazenly took women in for abortion appointments, further mocking God.

This is the last year, after 28 years, that this vigil will be held at this location since Planned Parenthood is building a mega-abortuary in the Midway area of St. Paul and will be moving their killing of innocent babies to that new location.

Having had the largest crowd ever for Good Friday Vigil brings a hope for the future as our movement continues to grow. In this large crowd were many new faces and many youth. Just as we celebrate Christ’s victory over death on Easter morning, so too, we look forward to the coming victory over abortion through out Risen Lord!

Have a blessed Easter!

Brian Gibson
Pro-Life Action Ministries

See Photos here:

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