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Update on the Priests for Life Situation

First of all, I encourage you to check out this video of me speaking at the German March for Life this past week in Berlin:

Secondly, for those who have been following the controversy currently surrounding the Priests for Life family of ministries, I encourage everyone to keep in mind that there are two sides to every story, and that it is always best to hold off on passing judgment until all the facts of a case, from both sides, have been brought to light.   Several statements have been released in an effort to respond to much of the misinformation which has been circulated recently by various media outlets, so I welcome anyone interested in learning more to take a few moments to read the following articles:

Diocese of Amarillo Issues Clarification Affirming Fr. Frank Pavone’s Good Standing and Character

Independent Auditors Issue Unqualified Audit Opinion for Priests for Life

Message from the Pastoral Team of Priests for Life/Gospel of Life Ministries

Bishop Roger Gries: Please Continue to Support Priests for Life


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