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Updated Thursday 12:00 Noon Report on my wife’s condition and the loss of our baby

Thursday 12:00 Noon Update: First I want to thank everyone who sent messages of prayer and support , we are so blessed to have the friends and a ministry family who loves us so much.  I know your prayers were answered as my wife made a very quick recovery. My wife just got home from the hospital after an over night stay for observation.  She is upstairs in bed getting some much needed rest, she did not sleep well in the hospital. We were extremely blessed to have a strong Christian, pro-life doctor and several Christian nurses who were very compassionate and encouraging.  We talked to the hospital and they have waived all our hospital bills, we just have to pay the doctor fees.  I have to meet with the funeral home later today and will share the arrangements once they are made. We know our baby is with our Lord who has given us the comfort to get through this.

4:40 PM UPDATE: Her blood work came back and she will not need the blood transfusion. They are letting her eat finally and are confident she can go home tomorrow. Thank you for all your prayers. Please also pray for out 6 children who are scared for mommy.

Glory to God my wife is doing better.

As you may know Carrie and I lost a child this morning through miscarriage. I had to rush Carrie to the hospital as she was losing a lot of blood. The Doctor in the ER was able to stop the bleeding. Carrie may need a blood transfusion, we will know in 2 hours. She lost a lot of blood but is feeling much better.

Our church is helping set up a funeral but we have no money or health insurance right now. The Church will make sure we can have the funeral this weekend. If you can help with funeral cost or ER bill the church set up a fund.

The baby was about 10-12 weeks old, I have the baby now until we can get to a funeral home.

Thank you so much for the prayers.

Make checks to:

Covenant Presbyterian Church
101 East National Road
Vandalia, OH 45377

Please make a note: For Kemper Family

The church cannot do pay pal but my wife’s pay pal address is

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