This is the generation that will abolish abortion!

Why Would A 14-year Old Musician Dedicate So Much Of Her Time To Pro-life?

14-year old Cassandra Mohr is not stranger to the music industry, her uncle Mark is the front man for the very successful reggae band, Chirstafari. Cassandra’s mother has been sending me YouTube clips for years of Cassandra singing and asking me if we could ever have her perform for Stand True. Last January, Cassandra and her family came to Washington D.C. for the March for Life and for Cassandra to sing at the first annual March for Life Youth Rally.

I am always so impressed when young people have a passion for their faith and for pro-life, and use that passion to make a difference. I recently asked Cassandra to write a brief commentary about why she is so passionate about using her talent to stand up for life.

The ability that we as human beings have to influence others around us is great – either for good, or for bad.  People harness this ability for many different gains: leadership, money, power, and ultimately (in most cases) for the furtherance of their personal desires.  The majority of earth’s population does not choose to help others with this ability.  Thus, the ones who cannot help themselves are killed off in many ways.  One of the biggest (and unfortunately, as of yet, mostly hidden from the public) issues requiring attention today is abortion.  The ending of tiny human lives before they have the ability to exert their own influence on what happens to them – this is the biggest life and death situation in our country now.  But very few know.  Very few speak out.  And, most importantly, very few stand up for these innocent children’s lives.

I am often asked why I care so much about the issue of abortion.  Why do I, as a musician, jeopardize what popularity I may have with people by singing about something that they don’t like?  By facing a reality that is less than perfect?

Because the children cannot speak out from inside their mother’s wombs.  Their voices are silent…and thanks to people who choose to exert their influence for bad, many of them are silenced forever.  I want to make sure that the unjust killing of babies is stopped.  And how do I do that? By exerting my own influence.  By telling the truth to the oblivious.  And by standing up for the unborn.  It may not be the nicest cause, or the cleanest, or even the most politically correct, but frankly?  I don’t care.  I am committed to doing whatever it takes to save lives.  And one of those ways is by using my platform as an artist to speak out. Stand true to what’s right.  Stand firm.  And, most importantly, stand up.

Will you join me and countless others who have realized this tragedy that goes on every day?  Will you go against the rest of the crowd and do what’s right?  Will you exert your own good influence on your peers and spread the word of this injustice?

Will you stand up?

Cassandra Mohr –

Here are a couple of videos of Cassandra singing at the March for Life Youth Rally and the recent Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Orange County

Cassandra was also published on with an article reflecting on her experiences at the March for Life –

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