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Office of Irish Pro-life Group, Youth Defence Attacked With Excrement, Literally With Crap

This in from our freinds at Youth Defence in Ireland.

Attack on pro-life office condemned as ‘grotesque and vile’

22 FEBRUARY 2013

Pro-life commentators have condemned an attack by abortion supporters on the offices of pro-life group, Youth Defence, as ‘grotesque and vile’.

The attack, which is currently under investigation by the Gardai, occurred late on Tuesday night, when large amounts of excrement were plastered on the door, locks and shutters of the pro-life office.

Clare Molloy of Youth Defence said that the attack was ‘truly disgusting’ and that abortion campaigners had now reached a new low. “This behaviour is beneath contempt, and I am saddened that such naked aggression and hatred is being displayed by abortion campaigners,” she said.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of Life Institute said that what was most grotesque was that the abortion advocates had used faeces to attach photos and news clippings of Savita Halappanavar to the door and the shutters.

“It was a deplorable thing to do, especially given the tragic nature of her death,” she said. “It’s so enormously disrespectful and insulting to Savita’s memory. How they think this will further their cause is beyond anyone’s understanding.”


Shocked passers-by visibly recoiled at the vile display, and video footage has been given to the Gardai, along with information obtained by Youth Defence volunteers who had previously infiltrated meetings held by abortion advocates. The Gardai have said they are taking the matter seriously.

Niamh Uí Bhriain said that the Youth Defence office was staffed by young female volunteers, and the obvious intention of the attack – which, as can be seen on video footage, was carried out by several men – was to upset and intimidate the young women working for the pro-life cause.

“It’s actually really shocking that anyone would sink this low, and think that they were making any kind of a valid point. Most people would agree that this is pretty depraved and vile, but it reveals the mindset of extreme abortion campaigners who want to attack and silence anyone who disagrees with them.”

The pro-life spokeswoman said that the attack would not act as “any kind of deterrent to the thousands of pro-life volunteers across the country who were actively seeking a better answer than abortion for both mother and baby.”

Dr Seán Ó Domhnaill, a clinical psychiatrist and advisor to the pro-life movement said that the aggression being displayed in the attack was ‘extraordinary and quite disturbing’ and did not happen in isolation. “It emerges from an atmosphere brought on by commentators on social media and elsewhere who preach intolerance and hatred towards pro-life advocates,” he said.

“I know that many threats of physical violence have been made against pro-life activists on social media and elsewhere by extremists in the pro-abortion movement, and I am glad to see the Gardai taking this attack seriously,” he said.

“This aggression has no part in the debate about abortion,” he added.


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